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Safety sensors and switches

Equipment safety using safety switches and safety sensors

Safety switches and safety sensors

Balluff safety switches and safety sensors are designed for a variety of applications. Our safe switches and sensors protect both workers and machine alike. The safety switches and sensors offer various operating principles: Inductive for non-contact safe detection of position and end-of-travel of metallic objects, electromechanical and Magnetic/REED or RFID-based for access or position verification for protection of personnel and machines.

Universal-use standard M12 cables save time and money during installation and assembly. They also help avoid wiring errors, gain clarity and ensure reliable monitoring.

Electromechanical safety switches

  • Sturdy metal housing with status display
  • Rotatable actuator head with two insertion openings
  • Plug-in M12 connection

Inductive safety sensors

  • Detection of end-of-travel and positions of metallic objects without contact
  • No special mating piece in contrast to traditional safety switches
  • M12 plug connection
  • Use OSSD outputs to link to any desired safety processor

Magnetically coded safety switches

  • High anti-tamper protection thanks to intelligent arrangement of the reed contacts
  • Reduces risk that the safety function can be defeated
  • M12 plug connection
  • Can be installed in ferromagnetic surroundings with spacer

Transponder-coded safety sensors

  • Tamper-proof, wear-free access security for guard doors/flaps
  • Insensitive to contamination, vibration and mechanical play
  • Applications up to PLe and SIL 3
  • Compact size for flexible integration

Magnetic safety encoder systems

  • Safe: meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 13849-1:2015 (Machine Directive, Pld), IEC 61508:2010 (Functional Safety, SIL2) and EN IEC 61800-5-2:2007 (Safety Function, SIL2)
  • Saves time: easy to set up with no configuration necessary
  • Universal: measuring lengths up to 48 m, selectable resolution, high system resolution to 20 µm
  • Convenient: configuration and diagnostic functions

Safety sensors and switches with RFID and Magnetic/REED Technology

Balluff Magnetic/REED safety switches ensure wear-free access protection at guard doors. When used with a spacing element, you can even install these magnetically coded safety switches in a ferromagnetic environment. And transponder-coded RFID safety sensors are the answer if greater vibration resistance and tamper resistance in guard door monitoring are required.

Electronic monitoring

Direct monitoring of robot work areas and end-of-travel of metallic tool holders in industrial environments can be accomplished electronically. This is simple to do using Balluff's non-contact, inductive safety sensors because unlike traditional safety switches or RFID safety sensors no special mating component is required, and these sensors are vibration resistant.

As is the case with all Balluff safety switches and sensors, the inductive safety sensors can be directly connected to the Safety over I/O module, which bundles all signals and forwards them via an IO-Link master module to the safety controller. As a bonus, you benefit from all the advantages of an intelligent Industry 4.0 solution.

The most important benefits

  • Safety sensors and switches for a wide variety of applications
  • Rugged housing versions with LED indicator
  • Suitable for safety applications up to PLe/SIL3
  • Savings of time and money plus prevention of errors due to standardized M12 connection technology
  • Reduced installation expense and space requirements
  • Also suitable for heavy protective equipment
  • Tamper resistant
  • Insensitive to vibration and imprecise door alignment