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Guided Changeover Solution


Available in:

3 versions

The Guided Changeover Solution helps you to make the changeover process at your plant faster and easier. With the help of intuitive software, the operator is guided through the process step by step. In the process, the sensor technology that is retrofitted to the line immediately reports back whether lengths, widths and heights have been set correctly. Balluff RFID technology also detects the required change parts and ensures that the correct format part is always inserted. Best of all, you can also retrofit this solution to existing systems at any time.

To equip your entire plant, you need the gateway, as well as a software license and a selection from various sensors. We will be happy to advise you on how to optimally equip your individual machine.

You want to start small? With the starter kit we offer you a complete package to get to know the solution.

Your advantages

  • Increase in overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • short changeover and ramp-up times
  • fast training of new employees
  • error prevention and minimization of rejects
  • continuous monitoring of changeover points

3 versions

Order code Description

BAI GCS – Guided Changeover Solution – Software License

BAI GCS – Guided Changeover Solution – Software License
The Guided Changeover Software is for support in the changeover process of systems., Scope of standard functions: Creation of operating procedures with text + image + sensor, step-by-step operator guidance, configuration and setup of supported hardware, monitoring of the steps with sensors during production., Scope of functions Advanced: All functions of the standard version, format change history, step-by-step guidance of several operators.

BSG GCS – Guided Changeover Solution – Starter Kit

BSG GCS – Guided Changeover Solution – Starter Kit
The starter kit is a complete package to get to know the Guided Changeover Solution. It includes the gateway, a software license, a network module, a selection of up to 8 sensors and LED signal towers, as well as a power supply unit and the necessary cables.


BAV MA-NC-00028-05

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