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IO-Link Wireless

Intelligent, communicative, wireless

IO-Link Wireless

Our wireless system consists of master, hub and bridge. IO-Link wireless is a new radio standard that meets the high demands of factory automation. The wireless master does not receive its data by cable, as is usually the case, but receives the sensor data by radio via a bridge or a hub. This delivers decisive advantages over a wired system - including simpler planning and installation, more flexibility in design and mobility, and the elimination of wear and tear on connectors and/or cables. It also makes it easier to retrofit existing systems.

In short, the wireless IO-Link variant allows even more flexible and sustainable integration of sensors/actuators - with the proven reliability and performance of IO-Link.

IO-Link Wireless Network Blocks

  • Easy configuration via integrated web server
  • Operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz ISM band
  • Range 10-20m in industrial environment
  • Fast and reliable (latency 5ms, error rate 10-9)
  • Easily scalable and expandable by integrating additional devices (up to 40 devices)

IO-Link Wireless Devices

  • IO-Link wireless sensor/actuator hub connects up to 8 digital IOs to the IO-Link wireless system
  • IO-Link wireless bridge makes standard IO-Link devices IO-Link wireless capable
  • Fast and reliable (latency 5ms, error rate 10-9)
  • Protection class IP65
  • Easy connection to the IO-Link wireless system

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