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Thermal flow sensors

Flow sensors

Available in:

3 Series

Our thermal flow sensors enable precise monitoring of process fluids. Simply set the limit, and the sensor activates when the fluid flow drops below a specified rate—ideal for use in machine tools, as well as with pumps and compressors. Their durable housing renders these thermal flow controllers perfect for challenging industrial environments.

Whether you require thread-in or direct inline installation, our models are designed to meet diverse needs across various applications. We provide the ideal thermal flow sensor/flow controller for monitoring either the flow velocity or the volume flow of water and other fluids, including coolants.

The special features of our thermal flow sensors

  • No moving parts, resistant to contamination
  • Flow rate of liquid media can be measured directly
  • Form factor for screw-in or inline, depending on the flow amount or tube diameter
  • M12 connector for ease of integration
  • LED line or display for visualizing flow amount
  • UL and CE approval

3 Series

Series Working range Process connection Installation length from contact surface Interface


For direct inline installation
0.1...2 l/min water G 1/4" outer PNP


Screw-in version with LED
3...300 cm/s oil, 1...150 cm/s aqueous media G 1/2" outer, NPT 1/2" outer 31 mm, 40 mm, 48 mm, 80 mm PNP


Screw in version for external signal amplifiers 
3...300 cm/s oil, 1...150 cm/s aqueous media G 1/2" outer, NPT 1/2" outer 31 mm, 40 mm, 48 mm

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