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Smart 3D Camera

3D Machine Vision

Available in:

5 versions

Low system costs, rapid implementation and great flexibility in use are all promises delivered by the rc_visard product family of smart 3D cameras.

With integrated processor and application-specific software modules on the camera, the rc_visard offers autonomous 3D image processing and can therefore even be used simply as a 3D stereo sensor. Processed 3D information such as pick points are passed by the rc_visard directly to the robot application.

Configuration is via a user-friendly web-based user interface. Connection to a PC for further processing of the data is also possible. The GigE Vision interface lets you create your own 3D applications using the camera data.

The camera models capture up to 1.2 million 3D data points and achieve frame rates of up to 25 Hz. Various robot interfaces are integrated for communication between robots and camera.

Special features

  • Smart 3D camera for robotic applications
  • Easy operation through user-friendly, web-based user interface
  • High flexibility through optional software modules and GigE Vision interface
  • Low system costs because of on-board processing and smart, application-specific software modules

5 Results

Order code Baseline Focal length Optimal depth range Angle of view (h x v) Sensor type Vision


BVS 3D-RV0-0012VC-111100-001
65 mm 4 mm 0.2 - 1 m 61 ° x 48 ° CMOS 1/3" color global shutter


BVS 3D-RV0-0012VG-111100-001
65 mm 4 mm 0.2 - 1 m 61 ° x 48 ° CMOS 1/3" monochrome global shutter


BVS 3D-RV0-0012VG-211100-001
160 mm 4 mm 0.5 - 3 m 61 ° x 48 ° CMOS 1/3" monochrome global shutter


BVS 3D-RV0-0012VC-211100-001
160 mm 4 mm 0.5 - 3 m 61 ° x 48 ° CMOS 1/3" color global shutter


BVS 3D-RV0-0012VG-311100-001
160 mm 6 mm 0.5 - 3 m 43 ° x 33 ° CMOS 1/3" monochrome global shutter