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Semiconductor Industry

Precision for semiconductor, solar and display manufacturing

Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Mobile Communication – Internet of Things – Smart Factory – Smart Home. What all these current developments have in common is digitization. With semiconductors as their heart. This makes the semiconductor industry a pathfinding one.

But the change to digital places demands on the industry at the same time. For example chips need to provide ever greater performance. Chip pro­duction itself is a highly complex, technologically extremely demanding process to master cost efficiently.

When it comes to processing wafers in the chip and solar industries as well as display production, Balluff offers you expert support and guidance. With reliable miniaturized solutions for cleanroom applications – like in wafer handling or in aggressive chemical environments. Our comprehensive, solid technical expertise lets us also solve your individual, application-specific challenges.

Wafer handling: High precision even between the process steps

When it comes to wafer handling in the EFEM module, such as on the end effector or the pre-aligner, Balluff gives you high precision. Only extreme accuracy allows wafers to be exactly positioned and reliably transported for each individual processing step.

Our sensors and systems are available in compact form factors to easily meet demanding requirements for machine integration. When conditions are especially challenging – after all, every end effector is different – we can also tailor our technology to your individual requirements.

The non-contact measuring principles prevent abrasion, so that the cleanroom class can be maintained throughout the entire process. Use reliable monitoring of wafer handling and secure your process.

Wafer processing: Reliable processing in chemical surroundings

To meet the special challenges of semiconductor production, Balluff offers you optimal solutions for processes in wet chemistry. Special PTFE housings let you monitor levels – such as when etching, cleaning the wafers or coating and developing in lithography. Our temperature sensors then ensure that the process temperature is correct. Because these contacting sensors let you reliably monitor temperatures in wafer processing.

With our sensors you also control the valve stroke, so that you can produce homogeneous and ideal coats in deposition.

Carrier handling: Exact positioning without contact

Balluff systems support precise and efficient carrier handling – whether it is an FOUP or SMIF pod. When the carrier is transported fully automatically our systems monitor the movements of the AMHS. With extreme reliability, both over short distances with RGVs or long distances with OHVs.

At the same time our non-contact systems provide exact positioning. Your wafers are reliably transported for each and every processing step. Abrasion and splitting are not a problem.

Balluff systems also provide consistent traceability. They ensure that the carrier position is documented in real time.

Vacuum application: We assist in process security

Sensors from Balluff with their extraordinary design features let you use them directly in a vacuum. For example during alignment on the fly when the wafer is centered in the vacuum lock or when you need to check it for presence.

We offer thread-in versions with a sealing function as well as sensors for installation directly in high vacuum. Their signals are reliably brought out through electrical cables via a cable fitting. And take special note: Since we use outgassing-optimized materials for the sensor, your process remains secure. If requested we can also produce the sensors in materials you specify.


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