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Condition Monitoring Service Package

Supports fast commissioning

Condition Monitoring Service Package

Unplanned downtimes and disruptions in the production process can be avoided with multifunctional condition monitoring sensors with integrated data preprocessing. This is because the intelligent sensors provide you with condition data that you can use to automate cost-intensive manual inspections.

To provide you with optimum support during the commissioning of the condition monitoring sensor, we offer a condition monitoring service package. This helps you to use the numerous functions and setting options of the sensor quickly and easily. In addition, it helps you avoid time-consuming and cost-intensive control integration. This makes your condition monitoring system ready for use in the shortest possible time. With the right combination of hardware and software as well as comprehensive consulting from a single source, you can get started right away and use the full potential of your system.

Special features

  • Integrated retrofit solution for machine and process monitoring
  • High flexibility due to the connection of up to four arbitrary IO-Link sensors
  • Simple and fast commissioning of the condition monitoring sensor
  • Plug-and-play commissioning of the system and visualization of the data
  • Outputs warning messages when adjustable limit values are exceeded
  • Autonomous system with data storage - independent of cloud and machine control system
  • Remote monitoring from any location through network integration via MQTT
  • Versatile customization through Docker support
  • Competent support by our application specialists

CMTK service package

If you want to record condition data over a longer period of time or implement your own condition monitoring system, the CMTK service package offers you a comprehensive service.

All components included are perfectly matched to each other - including the Balluff Condition Monitoring Sensors and the Condition Monitoring Toolkit CMTK. With this flexible system, you quickly gain a deeper insight into the actual condition of your machines and systems and can detect and prevent deviations and problems at an early stage. In addition, this service package includes support from our application specialists.

Services included

The scope of the service package also includes on-site support for commissioning the condition monitoring system (up to 8 hours) as well as ongoing consulting during the two-week test period. Alternatively, this can also be done remotely.

Our Condition Monitoring Service Package is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For local support for this solution, please use the contact form or get in touch with your local contact directly.


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