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Controlling material flow (Gates)

Controlling material flow (Gates)

Warehouse or storage areas with high throughput are associated with large numbers of material postings. The goal is to always know exactly which items are leaving the warehouse and which articles are entering. Ideally, this is accomplished in automated fashion, without the need for an employee with a manual scanner.

Here our stationary RFID gate is the optimal solution. It detects objects from a distance of up to 6 meters, fully automatically and in bulk. This saves time while minimizing the error rates. For additional user guidance you can also directly integrate our SmartLight stack lights. This visualization means you always have a clear view of what is happening.


  • Automatic, time-optimized and correct recording of goods movements
  • Minimizes errors – no entry mistakes or forgotten items
  • Highly accurate awareness of stock levels through synchronizing of digital and actual inventory


  • Industry brochure intralogistics

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