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Attitudes and values

Our strategy for success: We focus entirely on our customers.

Attitudes and values

What do our customers value most about us? Our high quality and reliability, our commitment of our employees and our partnership between our company and our customers. These are the foundations for long term customer relations and success.

At Balluff, customer relations can signify numerous factors: Listening to the customers carefully and understanding them, in order to fulfill their requirements. Being there for the customer on a global scale,, whether it be Singapore, Spain or Argentina. Lastly, cooperating with the customer, both on a day-to-day business scale or in the development of customized solutions.

We have been successfully taking this path for some time. Six strong values guide us.


We think and act today with tomorrow in mind.

Treating the environment with respect and working in a manner that conserves resources is quite natural for us. But there is another aspect of sustainability that is very important to Balluff: Our company plans with foresight – and has been doing so for four generations.

Solidity is our basis: We are a financially independent family company. This allows us to offer our customers and employees long-term and sustainable prospects. Our strategies are always future-oriented – in terms of product quality and technological development, economy and efficiency, but above all in terms of the people in our company.

We owe our leading position in industrial automation to our employees. That is why we do everything to provide them with the best possible working environment. An environment in which they can participate and contribute to the success of the company with their commitment, feel well and balance their family and work. This includes extensive training and development opportunities and numerous special services. More information can be found on our career site.


We do what we say and say what we do.

Our word is our bond. You can notice this in many obvious details such as the exact adherence to customer requirements and agreed deadlines or our good availability, sometimes even at odd hours.

Most importantly, however, we realize how much depends on our products and solutions. That is why each of our employees always works in an engaging manner and with the utmost professional and methodological reliability.

Until the problem has been solved or the customer is satisfied – or even happy. That is something you can rely on!


Very good is not good enough for us.

"Balluff sets standards" – that is our claim, which we consistently implement in every division: Because consistently high product quality in accordance with current standards was not enough for us, we created our own standards that go beyond the standard measure. In our own test laboratories we ensure that they are adhered to consistently. This is how the unique Balluff quality comes to be.

You will incidentally also find it at our company in consulting, logistics and service. Because we train our employees optimally, are involved in various standardization committees and carry forward topics such as ISO 9001:2015 as pioneers. We are committed to quality after all.


For the best solutions we leave our comfort zone.

Balluff has always been a very open company. In 1971, the first step towards internationalization took place with a branch in Austria. At the beginning of the 80s, Balluff was the first and – for a long time – the only sensor manufacturer with its own production facilities in Brazil.

To repeatedly open up new prospects to our customers and employees, we have created a working environment at Balluff that is characterized by openness: We are curious about the needs and desires of our customers, always welcome challenges and new ideas and respond flexibly to change. For us, this is not just the best basis for innovative solutions. It is the only true one.


Enthusiasm and passion are priceless.

Our employees have a burning passion for the development and production of our products and solutions. They happily invest their energy, expertise and passion. Because they know that the products and processes of our customers will become even more functional, efficient and accurate as a result. And that they can be proud of having done a good job.


We believe in progress – and this makes innovations possible.

Competition is usually tough in our customers' industries. Together, we achieve an advantage in automation – with future-oriented, advanced technology concepts that make your processes more efficient and lead to better results.

As a pacemaker and enabler we are instrumental in advancing issues such as Industry 4.0 and efficiently putting them into practice. Here too we safely accompany our customers into the future. With progress, of course.