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Our (bio)diversity of sensors

Technological diversity is the basis for automating your machines and systems

In the fascinating world of animals, there are amazing abilities that inspire us toward the most diverse areas of research and development. Over time, various animal species have developed special sensory abilities in order to adapt to their environment in the best possible way and to gain advantages for their survival.

Did you know, for example, that sea turtles use the Earth's magnetic field to find their bearings during their long migrations through the ocean? Or that the tips of lions' whiskers contain nerves that detect the movements of their prey via the slightest eddies of air?

Similar to animals, automation sensors also use special technologies to perform optimally in certain applications: whether with capacitive, inductive, optical or as magnetic field sensors.

There is more to discover in the world of our Balluff sensors than you might expect. With the diversity of our broad portfolio, we can meet almost any requirement in the automation industry.

By drawing parallels between the animal world and technology, we'll introduce you to our products and show you how you can improve your automation processes. Let nature inspire you!

Find out more soon!

Find out more soon!

Find out more soon!

The Power of Seeing: Excellent specialists with diverse capabilities

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Balluff provides you with high-quality and precise sensors and systems for every application and requirement. We also offer you the best network and connection technology as well as an extensive range of accessories. We will be happy to support you in your search for the right solution for your application!

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With our flexible connection technologies, we enable simple commissioning of your systems.

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In the field of sensor technology for machines and systems, Balluff offers the entire technological spectrum with different operating principles.

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