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Intralogistics automation: improve efficiency and throughput

Maximize OEE and cost-effectiveness with automation for intralogistics from Balluff


In intralogistics, where the movement of raw materials to finished goods demands fast throughput, precision and traceability, efficiency is not just a goal, but a necessity. The automation of key processes such as warehouse management, inventory management and material handling, including conveying, transporting, loading, unloading, sorting and order picking, is critical to increasing availability and uptime as well as reducing costs and ultimately improving Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Efficient and error-free intralogistics processes with Balluff

Components and solutions for automated intralogistics operations

Optimize your warehouse management and material handling with Balluff’s proven intralogistics automation components and solutions to improve throughput and accuracy in a variety of industries.

These include IO-Link, photoelectric, inductive and condition monitoring sensors, as well as RFID and code-reading traceability systems, and the networking solutions to connect them together. They range from cost-effective to smart, digitized solutions, demonstrating our deep understanding of industries such as automotive, battery manufacturing, packaging, and electronics assembly.

Automation components and best-in-class consulting expertise

Balluff simplifies your transition to advanced technology with easy integration and retrofit solutions, ensuring a seamless upgrade path for your existing systems. We provide in-depth guidance to help customers navigate the complexities of seamlessly integrating new technologies into their machines and processes.

By integrating Balluff technologies into your intralogistics operations, you can expect increased efficiency, reduced costs, improved performance and throughput, and a more streamlined workflow.

Spotlight applications in intralogistics automation 

Discover how we can improve your systems and intralogistics operations to effectively meet your challenges.

Traceability, speed and quality in each area of intralogistics automation

Automated storage and retrieval systems: improving efficiency and accuracy​

Efficiently managing inventory and material movements is a persistent challenge for businesses in various sectors and virtually every industry. The solution lies in the adoption of automated storage and retrieval systems, like dynamic shuttle systems and rack feeders, which are now often supplementing or replacing manual warehouse processes. These systems not only ensure precision and high throughput but also offer transparency through innovative identification solutions and software-driven control options.

By harnessing Balluff's cutting-edge technology, such as advanced sensors, networking and identification technologies, you can revolutionize your storage and retrieval systems. The integration with IO-Link streamlines communication between sensors, actuators, and control systems, resulting in improved inventory management and optimized overall operational efficiency, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Transportation and conveying solutions: advancing material flow

Streamlining automated intralogistics processes, including transporting, sorting, loading, unloading, picking, buffering, storage and stowing, is crucial for optimizing throughput and availability. Efficiently conveying materials from point A to point B is essential, especially with decreasing batch sizes due to growing individualization concepts.

Balluff's innovative identification technologies and software enhance your automated transport and logistics system, ensuring accurate goods tracking. Furthermore, Balluff provides advanced sensors, cables, and network technologies that optimize internal logistics processes, from load carriers to controllers and conveying solutions, to maintain high availability and throughput.

Automated sorting and picking systems: correctly assembled - whether partially or fully automated

Reliable sorting and picking - whether for production or customer orders - is one of the most complex and labor-intensive processes in intralogistics. To save costs and improve quality, picking and sorting are increasingly being partially or fully automated.

Balluff automation components and solutions for intralogistics help you to implement such projects efficiently, focusing on cost optimization in identification and quality control as well as in transport and marking in your picking and sorting logistics. Even in semi-automated logistics or manual work environments, there is great potential for savings, e.g., through collaborative robots or pick-to-light systems that reduce the workload of employees.

Components and solutions bringing distinct advantages to your roles in intralogistics automation

Machine builders

Production managers

Warehouse managers

  • Durable and cost-efficient solutions for optimal system and machine functionality,
    contributing to enhanced product quality and yield.

  • Expert consultation for selecting and integrating the best components to improve system uptime and efficiency

  • Custom automation components fit specific machine designs

  • Solutions that improve throughput, accuracy, and consistent operation

  • Seamless integration with existing production lines for enhanced control and system performance

  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to minimize downtime and ensure system uptime

  • RFID and sensor technology for accurate goods tracking and tracing

  • Efficient warehouse management through solutions that optimize storage and retrieval processes

  • Energy-efficient operations with IO-Link technology for cost savings and sustainable energy use.

Key products for intralogistics applications

Discover a range of specialized products designed to tackle the unique challenges in intralogistics. From condition monitoring to advanced traceability, our products help you boost your OEE and ensure production quality.

Explore industries where intralogistics takes center stage

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