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Traceability through RFID systems for industry

Our identification solutions BIS, offer you the key technology to implement essential requirements of modern manufacturing. With RFID technology, objects and products can be clearly assigned in the company and traced at any time. RFID systems are used to make all production steps transparent and traceable and are therefore an essential component for implementing the requirements of modern production and always keeping an eye on all data.

For unique identification and immediate traceability, a data carrier (RFID transponder) is attached to the object to be identified, which acts as a memory. The data is transmitted between the RFID transponder and the read/write head (reader) and passed on to the controller via the evaluation unit or an IO-Link network module. Our RFID solutions can be operated with almost any common controller and the evaluation units support all frequency ranges. And that is exactly what is special about RFID - the contactless exchange of information between RFID transponder and reader.

RFID systems in LF, HF and UHF

At Balluff, you can obtain the entire spectrum of RFID technologies with low frequency (LF), high frequency (HF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) for virtually unlimited use. This gives you an extraordinary range of components and services in a variety of designs that you can use extremely variably to transmit data. What's special about this is that our BIS V frequency-independent evaluation unit technology also allows you to flexibly combine all of our RFID systems, sensors, readers and transponders.

Another plus: You can use our RFID configurator to put together the RFID system for your company individually online. Operation is easy. You are simply guided by your task and with just a few clicks you will reach your goal.

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