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Asset Data Provider

Driving digital transformation through intelligent IIoT software

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With the Asset Data Provider (ADP), Balluff offers an integrated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to accelerate digitization projects. ADP is a software solution for the collection, pre-processing and provision of data to IIoT applications generated, for example, by industrial assets such as machines, plants and sensors at the OT level.


  • Low-code development and drag-and-drop functionality enable easy and agile development
  • Intelligent workflows are used to break down data silos and implement horizontal and vertical integrations
  • Ease of use empowers people without programming skills to innovate
  • Compatibility results in a secure infrastructure where data workflows are output in real time
  • A centralized control center minimizes risk and increases efficiency for large roll-outs
  • Intelligent data flows lead to a reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)

1 versions

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BAI ADP - Asset Data Provider

BAI ADP - Asset Data Provider
Asset Data Provider (ADP) is an agnostic software solution from Balluff for the collection, pre-processing and delivery of data at the Operational Technology (OT) level. It supports the creation of a holistic data pipeline for IIoT applications such as predictive maintenance.
One component of the software is based on edge computing technology and pre-processes data decentrally as well as delivers it efficiently, securely and in a resource-efficient way to the relevant IT systems such as Cloud, ERP or MES.

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