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I/O blocks

Efficient transport of signals

I/O blocks

I/O blocks from Balluff connect discrete and analog I/O sensors and actuators to the control level via a fieldbus or network. The number of lines is substantially reduced by the use of the blocks.

I/O blocks offer additional functions for signal preprocessing and expanded diagnostic options. Different designs and connection techniques enable solutions for a wide variety of applications, even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Key benefits

  • Simple to install
  • Efficient configuration
  • Continuous diagnostics
  • Individual solutions through a variety of designs and connection techniques
  • Suitable for use under extreme environmental conditions

IO-Link sensor/actuator hubs

  • Simple and cost-saving installation and maintenance
  • Detects short circuits, overloads, and cable breaks at the port
  • Great flexibility due to a wide range of variants

IO-Link valve interface

  • Compact adapter housing for direct placement on the valve terminal with minimal space consumption
  • Compatible with pin assignments of various valve terminals
  • Optimized wiring by connection at the control level, using standard 3/4-wire sensor cable
  • Controls up to 24 solenoids

Universal IO-Link interfaces

  • Compact adapter housing for direct connection to different devices via IO-Link
  • Universal, fieldbus-neutral
  • Linking to the control level using standard sensor cable
  • Variants available with 8 or 16 input/output signals
  • No cumbersome multiple cabling
  • Saves space, time and money through the lean cabling concept

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