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Code-Reader BVS E Identification

Optical Identification

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With BVS E Identification code reader from Balluff you can unambiguously identify your products. It reliably reads 1D or 2D codes and stacked codes. It makes no difference whether the codes were adhered with a label, printed on, lasered or directly marked. The BVS E code reader reads all codes up to 40 times per second. Even changing orientation is not a problem; the sensor easily compensates for this.

Check content

In order to verify that only the correct products were used, BVS E code reader checks the codes for content. In addition, the sensor has a "OCV" function used to verify texts and number sequences, for example, to check expiration dates on a product.

Assess code quality

To identify products with certainty, a consistent code quality must be ensured throughout the process. The assessment of the code that is needed for this according to ISO-standard is additionally provided by the BVS E code reader.


BVS E Identification code readers are used in the identification of components, in the process of tracking packages and in the manufacturing control.


  • Simple, self-explanatory operation
  • Reliable reading of multiple codes at the same time
  • Easy linking to PLC via RS232 and Ethernet interface
  • Compact housing
  • Different optics available
  • Optionally available with red or infrared light as a built-in light source

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