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Transparency for the Smart Factory


Traceability is becoming increasingly important for efficient production. Traceability creates transparency and is indispensable for the factory of the future with self-controlling processes.

Traceability means recording every step of a process chain so that it can be traced. This is accomplished with RFID, which automatically documents the production history of all production parts and all of the materials and equipment used here - including time, place, and process. You have real-time access to all the information.
This transparency enables lean production processes, ensures high product quality and prepares the way to self-controlling processes. With over 30 years of RFID expertise, we offer comprehensive know-how for implementation.

Application example

(1) A single processor unit for LF, HF and UHF
Our rugged BIS V processor unit provides fast data transmission, short cycle times and increased data security in all applications. This lets you use different RFID technologies – LF, HF and UHF – at the same time on a single processor unit. This single processor unit is all you need to handle any application. Whatever industry you are in, this high-performer features perfect electromagnetic compatibility and works with all common bus systems worldwide.

(2) Bundle sensor data and simplify network structure
BIS V comes with four ports that can be individually configured and operated simultaneously with up to four read/write heads. Additionally, you can connect IO-Link capable sensors and actuators or a sensor hub with up to 16 sensors to the integrated IO-Link master port. Now you can bundle sensor data in the simplest way possible in any network technology. Your network structure becomes more efficient, while you save time and money.

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