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Maximum performance: 7 steps to OEE excellence

Download the ultimate guideline to increasing your overall equipment effectiveness

Maximize manufacturing OEE with automation components

Have you ever wondered how to maximize the potential of your automation systems and production? What if there were seven specific areas where you could improve your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and take your productivity to the next level? 

In this guideline, we focus on seven key application areas that offer your company significant potential to improve OEE. We will show you how the integration of Balluff products can increase the performance of new and existing machines and production lines, ensure superior product quality and maximize efficiency.

Understand first, then optimize: key steps to improve OEE in manufacturing 

From optimized network technology to condition monitoring to conveyors, we will show you not only the challenges, but more importantly, the solutions to get the most out of your systems. Learn how companies in your industry have improved OEE through innovative approaches and proven components. 

Increase productivity

Minimize downtime

Improve product quality

Optimize resource efficiency

Guideline contents 

  • Leverage IO-Link to enable intelligent automation 

  • Digitalize and automate format changes 

  • Enable predictive maintenance through condition monitoring 

  • Reliable monitoring of fill levels

  • Enhance the efficiency of robotics 

  • Maximize transparency through traceability solutions 

  • Optimize conveyor technology 

Maximum performance: 7 steps to OEE excellence

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Maximizing OEE requires a comprehensive view of all key plant components and production steps. Our guide provides a practical insight into how industry leaders are developing and optimizing different areas of operations to achieve peak performance in their production.

Marcel Wettring, Market Segment Manager Packaging, Food and Beverage at Balluff

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Advanced automation components and solutions to improve your machines and boost your OEE. 

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