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IO-Link: versatile, intelligent, easy to use and... wireless

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Data is now one of the most valuable resources in any enterprise or manufacturing plant. This is because their analysis makes it possible to quickly detect errors, anomalies or defects, and thus reduce downtime and improve production efficiency. How can they be effectively collected, transmitted and analyzed?

The answer is IO-Link, a technology that has revolutionized the world of industrial automation.

What exactly is IO-Link?

IO-Link is a digital communication protocol, which is an ideal example of a solution that meets the challenges of Industry 4.0. It enables the communication of many different automation components. It generates, processes and transmits data, creating a continuous communication system - from the lowest level of the structure of automation systems, e.g. smart sensors or actuators, to control and visualization systems.

Simplifying the definition of the system, we can compare it to a traditional USB link. In this scheme, any USB device works when connected to a USB port, provided that the manufacturers of both devices followed the same rules in the manufacturing process.

How does this technology work?

Speaking in such very general terms, IO-Link is a universal communication protocol through which modern automation devices can generate and transmit a lot of data, not only process data, but also diagnostic data. Modern companies need this data to be able to analyze and interpret it, and then, based on it, to make decisions on optimizing and modifying production processes. These actions serve one specific purpose - business development.

The traditional, i.e. wired, IO-Link solution has some limitations, as small space, mobile applications, complex machine movement or the limitation of the time needed for installation often prevent the location of communication cables. That's why we created its wireless version - IO-Link Wireless.It is one of the first of its kind to take advantage of wireless communication capabilities.

Tomasz Dawid, Marketing Manager

It is worth noting here that IO-Link Wireless does not replace wired solutions, it is only an extension of them, which allows you to enjoy all the advantages of IO-Link solutions - wirelessly.

Why should you lean towards this solution?

IO-Link Wireless, a wireless standard for industrial automation, is a reliable communication method for demanding applications. Unlike other wireless technologies, such as WLAN or Bluetooth, it is designed for industrial needs.

Up to 40 devices can be connected to an IO-Link wireless master with 5 active channels (antennas).This innovative solution, allows users to use a lot of data anytime, anywhere. With very high scalability and adaptability, Balluff's technology is ideal for any plant or machine.

IO-Link Wireless makes it possible to use IO-Link in machine areas where it was not possible before.

Wireless communication

IO-Link Wireless does not replace wired solutions, but is an extension of them that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of IO-Link solutions wirelessly as well.


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