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Architects of Smart Manufacturing

Step by step to the factory of the future

Architects of Smart Manufacturing

With smart solutions from Balluff you lay the foundation for the factory of the future. Balluff helps you implement intelligent production – smart manufacturing – step by step, and accompanies you professionally into this digital world.

The basis for the factory of the future is smart communication, which transmits data from machines and the production line and makes it available wherever you need it, including at central locations for further processing. The resulting information can be used to monitor sensor, machine, and system performance and identify approaching failures before they arrive, at all production levels and even across plants via the cloud. This enables increased flexibility, high efficiency and improved productivity.

With the digital communication standard IO-Link, we offer you the key. IO-Link is simple to connect, uses interference-free digital signals, and it transmits data bidirectionally. Intelligent communication via IO-Link makes it easy for you to enter the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

We provide you with knowledgeable support to help you design and implement smart communication via IO-Link and comprehensive transparency through traceability. We help open the way to automated asset management, efficient robot systems and reliable condition monitoring.

With our solutions you can increase the availability of machines, minimize downtimes and ensure product quality. They enable an optimal manufacturing process and set the course for modern, flexible production in the Smart Factory. Get connected.

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