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High optical performance in the smallest space

MicroSPOT - High optical performance in the smallest space

High optical performance in the smallest possible space – with our Micromote photoelectric sensor series we offer you sensors with MicroSPOT technology, which means micro-optical components in another dimension.

These LEDs, photodiodes or phototransistors, which we manufacture ourselves, are completely tuned optical units which feature compact size, outstanding image quality of the light beam, high consistency and low sample deviation.

We developed the MicroSPOT technology ourselves along with the associated production technology, since traditional products fall short of our demands in size and performance. Therefore we can offer you products and services which are unequalled and meet the highest requirements.

Opto-elements – perform demanding tasks with highly individual and innovative solutions

MicroSpot productsThe emitter and receiver elements of the Micromote series define a complete sensor in its basic form. To construct a high-performance photoelectric sensor from our elements you no longer need additional parts such as lenses, irises or filters because their optical properties are vastly superior to those of traditional components.

In this series LEDs have beam angles of 3° with circular light spots. The residual divergence of our miniature laser modules is 1 mrad. And most important: The sample deviation is negligible.

The axis errors for Balluff are under 1°. Anyone using simple, low-cost components knows that boresight errors of up to 30° are not rare.

All the sensors in the Micromote series which are produced using these components offer the following features:

  • Optimal alignment thanks to a highly visible light spot

  • Smallest footprint with maximum optical performance

  • No mutual interference since the light beam is spatially limited

  • Versatile – even for highly demanding applications

Flexible modular system for adaptation to various applications
Form, size and material of the housing have no effect on the optical sensor function. The sensor housing serves only a holding and mounting function. This means even unusually complex and custom versions are economical and fast to implement.

Great variety
A wide selection of sensor heads is available with a variety of form factors, light spots and wavelengths.


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