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Balluff Measuring System with Siemens Controller Provides Accurate Positioning Up to 250 Meters

New long-distance linear position measuring system includes sensor, magnets and software

Balluff’s newest magnetostrictive linear position sensor provides absolute position information over distances of up to 250 meters when used as part of the Balluff position measuring system.

The profile-style sensor can be configured for measuring ranges between 5 and 250 meters with a repeat accuracy up to ±0.5 mm. This long-range measuring capability makes it ideal for applications on traveling cranes, overhead cranes, avoidance controls, and crane and trolley movement.

The position measuring system comes with a linear position sensor with a Profinet interface, several magnets, and software function blocks for the Siemens PLC.

The magnets are installed along the track of the crane, with their position read by the sensor installed on the crane itself. Information about the position of the magnets relative to the sensor is sent to the controller which calculates the absolute coordinates of the crane position.

This system isn’t susceptible to contamination and can stand up to harsh environments with an IP67 rating, making it more dependable than solutions built on laser sensors and other measurement tools which can be easily impeded by dirt and dust.

“There are several options for measuring long distances, including encoders and lasers, but most plants and mills are really dirty, and that environment can impact the usability of those tools. But you don’t have to worry about that with this system. The sensor and magnets work without fail, even with caked on dirt. This is an effective and low maintenance solution,” said Chris Heberlein, director of sales, automation and technology for Balluff.

And like all Balluff magnetostrictive linear position sensors, this system features high repeatability and is wear-free thanks to non-contact measurement.

Key features

  • Absolute linear position measuring system with a measuring range of up to several hundred meters

  • Simple mounting

  • The measuring section does not require a continuous rail, thus highest flexibility guaranteed

  • High accuracy and reliability

  • Low maintenance due to a non-contact and wear-free operating principle

  • Resistance in harsh industrial environments (IP67)

  • Automatic adaptation of the system to the magnetic marking

  • Repeat accuracy up to ±0.5 mm

  • Includes software function blocks for the Siemens PLC (required)

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