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Condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance

Adjustable output voltage and diagnostics capabilities

Condition monitoring and condition-based maintenance

Diagnostics for predictive maintenance

Our IO-Link Heartbeat power supplies, known for reliable and efficient voltage supply, stand out for their quality and long service life. They are manufactured from the highest quality components and offer you adjustable output voltage with low ripple.

Especially notable is their clever diagnostics capability which supports predictive maintenance and condition monitoring for Industry 4.0 requirements.

Integrated monitoring provides information for load level, stress level and lifetime via IO-Link. This gives you reliable information about the current electrical and thermal load, the degree of wear and the remaining lifetime of the power supply. You can also read this information locally on the status indicator. The 3-color LEDs work like a traffic light.

You can use IO-Link to call up further detailed diagnostics and status information for the unit, as well as operating parameters and history. This lets you see the data in the higher level control and diagnostics system and ultimately increases system up-time by revealing when you need to replace a unit.

Specifically developed for controller units, Balluff power supplies can be perfectly integrated into your control package. The extra narrow IP20 housing makes it possible to have a resource-optimized control cabinet design. IP67 variants for supplying power to modules in decentralized structures in direct proximity to the consumer are also available


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