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More flexibility was never easier

Easily Visualizing Operating States

More flexibility was never easier

One light. Many functions. Unlimited uses.

It’s not yet possible to foresee all the demands of the Smart Factory. But to visualize your automation you can get a modern IO-Link device today that has virtually unlimited applications and is ideally equipped for the future.

The LED stack light with IO-Link interface offers you previously unimagined flexibility because with the Balluff SmartLight you can represent operating states in detail. You can even see trends and progressions. The SmartLight features three different modes.

You can display a wide range of color signals in freely configurable segments (Segment mode), use the color progression display for representing variables such as level, position or temperature (Level mode) and operate an automatic run light with freely programmable foreground and background color (Run Light mode). The best part: You can change to any mode on-the-fly. Colors can also be changed while running because you configure the SmartLight simply from the controller. So forget the cumbersome mechanical reconfiguration of traditional stack lights. Unlike those older systems, you can individually specify the colors and zones for number, size and color definition.

Like all IO-Link devices, the SmartLight is simple to connect and install. A 3-conductor sensor cable is all you need to quickly connect it to your system and have immediate access to the full functionality.


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