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For high production quality

Monitor process media

For high production quality

Plug-and-play sensor replacement maximizes uptime

Pressure sensors are indispensable when you need to monitor process media such as coolants and lubricants, hydraulic fluids and pneumatics. The system pressure affects things such as the surface quality when processing workpieces. Continuous and exact regulation of the pressure is provided by our IO-Link pressure sensors, which continuously transmit their measurement values and data to the controller.

Pressure sensors also ensure the best results on a machining center. There they provide clamping distance monitoring to guarantee secure holding of the workpiece and tool in the lathe.

IO-Link pressure sensors are configured via the controller so they can be optimally installed where the action is or in hard to reach places for measurements and the are perfectly matched to the machine design. This guarantees you fast and precise results and reduces your costs, since you can now reduce cumbersome mechanical installation of hydraulic lines to a minimum.

IO-Link pressure sensors ensure that you enjoy the greatest possible machine uptime. Replacing a sensor is plug-andplay, since the data for the replaced sensor is automatically loaded into the IO-Link master.

Depending on your requirements you can choose between IO-Link pressure sensors with display and IO-Link pressure transmitters without display. This ensures you the best and most economical solution.


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