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Wear-free and tamper-proof

Safety for people and systems

Wear-free and tamper-proof

Detect metallic objects without contact

Our inductive safety sensors provide you with protection for people and equipment. They detect the approach of metallic objects without contact and provide you with the needed safe signals for position or end-of-travel. This let you safely monitor robots and workpiece carriers. Unlike traditional safety switches, inductive safety sensors require no special mating part. It is easy to directly query robot position and end-of-travel of metallic workpiece carriers. Simply connect the sensors to the safe I/O module, which bundles all the signals and passes them to the processor through the IO-Link master.

An economical solution to access security

Our REED safety switches ensure wear-free access security. This economical solution is insensitive to door shifting and is highly rugged. Another plus: The spacer even makes it possible to install in ferromagnetic surroundings.

When there is strong vibration

If you must meet higher demands, transponder coded safety sensors are indispensable. Our RFID safety sensors ensure safe monitoring of guard doors, which are subjected to strong vibrations. You enjoy the benefit of both high coding levels and high anti-tamper protection because the passive RFID transponders are uniquely identifiable.

The contamination-resistant sensors, with their generous detection range, are ideal when doors settle or are imprecisely guided. This also means they offer great room to play for installation. And to save on door fittings, you can choose versions with integrated magnetic clamps.


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