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Transmit power and data without contact

Fast Tool Changing

Transmit power and data without contact

Maximum flexibility with robot radius increased to 360 degrees

Inductive couplers are a windfall for robotics because they send both data and power simultaneously over an air gap. How do you benefit? Greatly, and in many ways – the risk of cable breaks is fully precluded, mechanical contacting of mechanical connectors is eliminated, and the robot has a continuous radius of movement of 360 degrees.

Our inductive couplers with IO-Link guarantee you fast gripper changes and increase the uptime of your system. This is because the signal is transmitted directly following the gripper change so production can continue without interruption. The speed and flexibility support frequent format changes. The result is that you can produce even small batches efficiently. Another attractive feature: no mechanical wear means inductive couplers are maintenance-free.

The quick-disconnect units provide robust flexibility for your machine design. Even hard to access components are simple to connect with IO-Link since IO-Link capable devices now connect to the IO-Link master and to the controller flexibly and without contact.

The bi-directional inductive data couplers allow data to be sent in both directions, and you can simultaneously control actuators and valve terminals while collecting signals. These variants support the full IO-Link functionality so that intelligent sensors and actuators can be configured and diagnosed without contact.


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