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Continual, non-contact linear position measurement

Monitoring the clamping process in the machine system

Continual, non-contact linear position measurement

Exceptional quality and reliability – even in harsh industrial environments

Compact, precise tool spindles, clamping cylinders and tool changers on a machining center play a central role in the work process. This is why reliable and wear-free monitoring of the ongoing clamping process in the machine system is so critical.

Meet this demanding challenge simply with the new IO-Link positioning system. It features an absolute measuring principle and transmits an additional out-of-range bit. This tells the controller that the target has left the measuring range, thereby increasing reliability. In addition, you can set up to three switching signals, and internal temperature detection is also possible. The high linearity and precise repeat accuracy of the measuring system delivers reliable results.

At the same time, the non-contact measuring system in the fully potted housing ensures the highest process reliability and automation quality – even in the harshest industrial environments. Also advantageous is the high level of electromagnetic compatibility. You can use our inductive IO-Link positioning system in many different ways thanks to its configurable measuring range and its compact size means it can be installed even where space is at a premium.

Its digital IO-Link signal means the positioning system is guaranteed to be noise-immune even using unshielded cables. Thanks to IO-Link, you can eliminate an analog input card.


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