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Automated tool management with RFID

Automated Tool Management

Automated tool management with RFID

The right tool assigned to the right machine every time

When it comes to industrial automation, for more than 30 years Balluff's industrial RFID systems have ensured the high quality of the tools used and their optimal utilization. Our systems always provide the correct tool data to the CNC controller in milling machines and machining centers.

With RFID from Balluff, the right tool can be assigned to the right machine for any upcoming process. Each individual tool is independently directed through production, checked and, if necessary, reworked and returned. RFID guarantees you unique unambiguous identification of every tool used, since the unique ID on the data carrier is unmistakable. All tool-relevant data can be displayed via IO-link in the controller. This gives you high machining quality and optimal tool utilization. RFID-assisted tool management contributes to greater value creation.

At Balluff you can choose from low-frequency (LF) and high-frequency (HF) systems which, thanks to the great variety of data carriers and read heads, lets you address many kinds of applications, even under challenging conditions. Our low-frequency BIS C has, over the years, established itself as a standard. With our high-frequency BIS M you can handle large data volumes. And if you need to work with both LF and HF, our solutions also provide reliable mixed operation of both frequencies. With Balluff you can choose a frequency-independent, cross-technology processor unit.


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