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Easy Hazardous Area Safeguarding

Simple & Economical Personal Protection

Easy Hazardous Area Safeguarding

Economically securing hazardous locations

An economical solution for securing hazardous locations are our safety light curtains. These non-contact protective devices reliably detect fingers, hands or the body and stop all hazard-inducing movements of machines. They ensure personal safety and eliminate the expense of guard fence constructions, giving you better use the available space. At the same time, you profit from high anti-tamper protection. Simply connect the light grid to the safe I/O module that is connected to the IO-Link master. You have now added the safety function while also reducing costs thanks to the familiar M12 standard connection.

To reliably feed material to the robot, our safety light curtains can also be used at material locks so that the muting applications can be implemented. There, the safety function is temporarily jumpered when the material is transported through the protective field. Safety is, however, still maintained in case a person inadvertently attempts to enter the hazardous zone.

In emergency situations, you can use our Emergency-Stop to trigger the stop command to halt the hazardous movement. Our E-Stop is simple to install and versatile in its use. Its compact housing makes it ideal for a wide range of machines and systems and its high protection rating means it is impervious to dust and water.


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