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New Long Range UHF Processor Offers OPC UA Server, Built-In IO-Link Master

Balluff’s newest RFID tool improves track-and-trace processes across industries

Balluff’s new long range UHF processor with built-in OPC UA server enables direct communication with MES and ERP systems. The BIS U-6127 model expands the power of RFID and raises the level of productivity and flexibility in track-and-trace solutions.

Its multi-client and multi-port functionality allows it to run multiple applications simultaneously. Comprehensive configuration options are available in the web server, and expanded RFID functions simplify startup. And with an integrated IO-Link master, users can add additional IO-Link sensors.

A Linux operating system enables fast pre-processing and filtering of large data quantities. This filtering minimizes interference to ensure accurate reading results are sent to the IT system.

Additionally, the BIS U-6127 comes equipped with security features that provide secure communication between the processor unit and other systems. The data on the RFID tag can be digitally signed and encrypted. This prevents the data from being falsified or manipulated during production.

The BIS U-6127 is particularly suitable for material tracing and digitization of production and intralogistics processes found in nearly every industry. This includes:

  • Automatic registration of incoming or outgoing goods

  • Monitoring of work progress and material consumption

  • Material flow tracking (also confirmation of production steps/processes)

  • Control of machines and systems (also transfer of production parameters to a QA-system)

  • Accurate set-up of machines and systems (tools, material, tasks)

Key features

  • OPC UA server for interoperability in network communication

  • Multi-client and multi-port function for applications running in parallel

  • Integrated security function usable via "Secure Element"

  • Web server with numerous configuration options

  • Expanded functions with data pre-processing and filtering, freely configurable data formats

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